Adventures Students Perform First Recital

Our talented Music Adventures students performed their very first Celebration Day recital on January 20, 2018 at CAM. Each student performed one piece for their current method books…which they completed this semester! After the performances, each student was awarded their fall semester trophy and enjoyed cake with their classmates. We are so proud of each of our Adventurers and look forward to seeing their success in our spring semester!

Using the piano as our vehicle, Music Adventures paves the way for a smooth transition to private lessons. In addition to learning to play the piano, we focus on learning how to practice and perform. By playing for classmates each week, Adventures students become familiar and comfortable playing for others. Our Adventures curriculum focuses heavily on learning to understand music notation, with students playing pieces on the staff from the very first lesson.  With only 6 students per class, Music Adventures provides a positive, accepting environment where students feel free to be expressive and develop their creativity. Making music with friends provides built-in motivation, too!

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