Why Charlotte Academy of Music?

Effective music study is not just a matter of having a qualified teacher, but also includes an environment that is favorable to learning and music education specifically. Lessons in the student or teacher’s home are prone to many distractions and can interrupt the flow of the lesson and student concentration. In a school setting, students are focused solely on music. Being part of a musical community is highly motivating!

Students in a music school, such as Charlotte Academy of Music, have opportunities to participate in ensembles, master classes and many performances. In short, students who study at a music school receive a more well-rounded music education experience.

A Solid Musical Foundation

Our thorough educational programs provides students with many opportunities for both technical and artistic advancement. From a child’s first musical steps to their senior recitals, we strive to provide our students with the best curriculum and experiences. In the early childhood years, our Music Explorers start building music literacy. A smooth transition to Music Adventures follows, as students begin reading music, learning about musical instruments and play their first pieces at the piano. After Music Adventures, our students move smoothly and confidently into private lessons. Along the way our students are encouraged to participate in Compass, a motivating achievement program exclusively for the students of Charlotte Academy of Music! We invite you to learn more about our music lesson and class opportunities.

Supportive Environment

When surrounded by our upbeat musical community of CAM families, professional teachers and outstanding facilities, students thrive! Our helpful Front Desk Staff is always available to assist students and families with information as well. We also believe in the importance of using our time and music to better our community. Through CAMcares, our students, families, teachers, and staff take part in community service projects throughout the year.

Performances and Assessments

CAM offers more performance and assessment opportunities than any other music school in our area. These opportunities are not required of any student, however we find great value in the process or preparation and performance. We believe performing builds self confidence, aids in motivation and helps develop time management skills. CAM students enjoy opportunities to perform in formal recitals, our casual Blue Note Lounge, NCMTA Piano Contest, NFMC Music Festival, Charlotte Piano Teacher Forum Auditions and the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. CAM is also home of the Compass, a motivating achievement program with 4 main facets: practice, performance, music history and music theory. CAM is also home to Compass, our own unique acheivement program inspiring students towards advancement in practice, performance, music theory and music history.

Convenience for Busy Families

No need to drive from studio to studio for lessons. CAM offers early childhood music, piano, guitar, voice, strings, woodwinds, and percussion lessons. Many CAM families enjoy lesson times that occur simultaneously or back to back for their family members. We are located right off of I-485, making travel to and from lessons convenient for families in the Matthews, Mint Hill, Ballantyne, Harrisburg, Concord, and the greater Charlotte area. Our families, teachers, and staff also enjoy our close proximity to shopping, restaurants and more in Idlewild Market.

Thorough Communication

Our families stay well informed of all CAM events and opportunities through email newsletters, Facebook and Instagram. We also utilize our bulletin boards and Youtube channel to celebrate our students’ successes! Our comprehensive website includes online enrollment, online concert sign up, teacher bios and more.