Music Explorers

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Music Explorers 1 (Ages 18 months – 3 years)

Specifically crafted for the younger child, Music Explorers 1 encourages musical making and imaginative play, in classes for parent and child together. Making music together is the key to your child’s musical growth! Using the premier piano based early childhood program, KiddyKeys & Company, your child will experience age and developmentally appropriate movement activities, an introduction to music concepts, singing and story-time.  At age 3, your child will be excited to move onto Music Explorers 2, where we continue building music literacy and take the next step in piano exploration.

Think of it as a weekly musical date with your little one. Nothing for you to plan – simply show up and enjoy making and learning about music together. You’ll build memories that will, just like music, last a lifetime!

  • Rhythm and creative movement activities
  • Beginning recognition of notes and note values
  • Rhythm instrument play
  • Vocal and pitch development
  • Fine/gross motor skill development
  • Learning letters, numbers, colors
  • Music story-time

Music Explorers 2 (Ages 3 – 5 years)

Singing and movement are at the heart of every proven preschool music program. At CAM, we believe those components are definitely key, but young children also have the ability to grasp music principles. This is why in every Music Explorers 2 class your child will enjoy activities centered around musical terms and concepts, piano exploration, all part of the extensive and engaging KiddyKeys currculum. As a parent, you understand that the preschool years are a time of great learning and development. Every lesson plan includes school readiness skill development. Most importantly, Music Explorers 2 is fun and full of joy!

Our Music Explorers 2 graduates move confidently into our Music Adventures program where they begin formal music training in small group piano lessons, or into our Suzuki Strings program. We also take advantage of the great learning environment we have at CAM! You’ll often find our Music Explorers classes going on “mini field trips” (down the hallway), to explore new musical instruments and meet new musicians! This instrument introduction brings music to life for your child and may even spark their interest in learning to play a particular instrument one day!

  • Learning music terminology
  • Singing and pitch development
  • Improvisation activities at the piano
  • Further recognition of notes and note values
  • Recognition of music alphabet
  • Music notation worksheets
  • Rhythmic development
  • Fine/gross motor skill development
  • Introduction to piano, guitar, violin, cello, and flute