Charlotte Suzuki Strings

Charlotte Suzuki Strings

The Suzuki Method

Students who participate in the Suzuki Strings program at Charlotte Academy of Music, receive:

  • Private Lessons with Certified Suzuki Instructors
  • Group Classes
  • Winter and Spring Concerts
  • Piano Accompaniment for Suzuki Recitals
  • Other opportunities to perform at CAM recitals and festivals

Every Child Can Learn

Suzuki means success because of its many unique aspects including:

  • Beginning at an early age (as young as 3 ½ years old)
  • Developing skills in a positive, non-stressful environment
  • Progressing at the child’s own pace
  • Maintaining enthusiasm
  • Enjoying the learning experience

Most importantly, Suzuki provides a unique opportunity for the parent to play a pivotal role in the learning process. The Suzuki experience creates a lasting musical bond between the parent and the child providing experiences that will be cherished.

Suzuki instruction has proven that every child, if given the opportunity and the proper environment, can learn to play a string instrument.

Our Certified Suzuki Instructors

Julia Long, Certified Suzuki Violin Instructor
Victoria McLaughlin, Certified Suzuki Cello Instructor

Suzuki Program Private Lessons

  • 30 minute lesson: $30
  • 45 minute lesson: $45
  • 60 minute lesson: $60