Performances & Events

Academy Concerts

We consider performance an essential part of music education. The skills gained are invaluable to students and will benefit them for years to come as they translate into school and later to their careers. CAM offers formal performance opportunities for all Academy students in our Winter and Spring Concerts.

Blue Note Lounge

Several times during the year CAM students participate in our Blue Note Lounge. This informal, relaxed setting is a great place for beginners and more advanced students to hone their performance skills.

Piano Artistry Performances

Students who are part of our Piano Artistry program have additional performance opportunities. These include a formal Winter Recital, Duet Recital, Master Classes, and several Studio Classes throughout the year.

Junior and Senior Recitals

High school junior and senior students at CAM are encouraged to perform solo recitals. Junior and Senior recitals require a strong commitment, and are an excellent way to showcase many years of dedicated music study. We also believe solo recitals are excellent preparation for college auditions.

Competitions and Assessments

Many CAM students are active participants in competitions and assessments. These events are made available to our students via our professional associations with the Royal Conservatory, NFMC, MTNA, NCMTA and Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum. Receiving feedback from trained musicians, in addition to the student’s teacher, is an invaluable part of the competition/assessment experience.

NFMC music festival

The National Federation of Music Clubs, through its annual national Festivals, provide students of all ages with opportunities and encouragement for musical growth. Entrants do not compete against each other but are rated on individual merits. The Festivals are ideal for musicians at any level of advancement. Events include opportunities for Piano, Guitar, Voice, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion students. Many Academy students also choose to participate in the Festival Theory and Composition events. Academy students participate in Festival at either CPCC or Queens University. Charlotte Academy of Music students have earned Superior ratings in the highest levels of the Festival and went on to play at the state level and honors recital.

NCMTA piano contest

The North Carolina Music Teachers Association Piano Contest is designed to provide students and teachers with a means of receiving constructive criticism by competent judges. Students learn three pieces from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Students who receive a Superior at the District level advance to State. The next progression is State NMTA, Regionals and finally the National Competition.

Royal Conservatory Founding Memberroyal conservatory music development program

Charlotte Academy of Music is proud to be the only music school in the state of North Carolina recognized as a Founding School of the The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. This thorough assessment program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. The Music Development Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across the country.

CPTF auditions

Many of the Academy piano teachers hold memberships with the Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum. As members, these teachers’ students are eligible to participate in the annual CPTF Auditions. Areas of adjudication include repertoire and theory. The Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum Auditions are held at Queens University in early March of each year.